Sculpture of exiled poet Brodsky graces U.S. embassy


In a courtyard off a boulevard that hums with traffic is a giant new statue of a poet who never asked to leave and never returned when he had the chance. The vast figure of Nobel-Prize winning laureate Joseph Brodsky stands on a granite base looking up to the sky just off Novinsky Boulevard, yet his eyes appear to be closed. Nearby are sculpted silhouettes of twelve people in two groups, but Brodsky seems unaware, lost in his thoughts, clothes somewhat crumpled, hands in his pocket.
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Presretnuti razgovori: Brejvik – Koštunica


Andres Bering Brejvik:

“Bio sam sam! Mnogi na koje sam računao pritajili su se u kabinetima”

Vojislav Koštunica:  

“Malo si poranio!  Naše vreme tek dolazi!  Propao je Rim!   Propašće i ta  Amerika!”