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9.10.2012 | 8:00 Uhr

A work of art changing reality: We plan to put a sarcophagus, similar to the one that encases the Chernobyl reactor, over Germany’s deadliest factory, so that none of its lethal “products” can illegally escape.


We will drop a sand and concrete mixture from helicopters onto the weapons factory in Oberndorf. We need to shut down this gigantic wreck of humanity now, the German factory of Heckler & Koch in Oberndorf, once and for all! Tons of sand and concrete will bring all deadly activities to a halt. We need at least €4.000 ($5.200) to rent helicopters! For a donation of €10 ($13), you will receive a poster of the sarcophagus (Format: A1 – see below)!

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Times Square: War is over! IF YOU WANT IT


Premijer Srbije Ivica Dačić ponovio je ovih dana, ono što smatra svojim ličnim mišljenjem, da bi podela Kosova bila najbolje rešenje, dok u Prištini ima mišljenja da bi promena granica i teritorijalne celovitosti trebali da budu recipročni, aludirajući na razmenu teritorija.

Redefinisanje granica Kosova za Srbiju “plan B”