Let’s Breast Them

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The 19 year old Tunisian Amina who posted a topless photo of herself with the slogan “my body belongs to me, and is not the source of anyone’s honour” has disappeared. Most likely her family have kidnapped her and taken her to an unknown location, (earlier reports mentioned a psychiatric hospital). What’s clear is that they have removed all forms of communication from her so that she can no longer be reached.

Filmmaker Caroline Fourest says:

One of the people who kidnapped Amina has been boasting that they did it for “her own good”. It is unclear though whether she has been hospitalised  or held somewhere else. Her phone has been taken from her and communication with her has stopped so  we are no longer in contact with her.

We anxiously await news about her safety and situation and warn those who are holding her not to hurt her and to release her immediately.

There is nothing wrong with Amina; it is society, the lack of women’s rights, the second class citizenship of women, the debased view of women’s bodies, the vile concept of honour and religious morality,  misogyny and Islamism and its Sharia law that are wrong.

In fact Amina’s is the voice of sanity, reason, protest and resistance.

She represents us all and we will not stop until she is safe and free.

Release Amina, and prosecute those who have threatened and kidnapped her.

April 4 is the international day to defend Amina. On this day, “Let’s Breast Them!”


On 4 April and beyond, groups and individuals can join in by highlighting her case, posting topless photos of themselves and their activism on social media sites, signing a petition, Tweeting #Amina, writing letters in her defence, and more.

The petition now has nearly 25,000 signatures; let’s make it 50,000 in the next few days.

Here are some actions that have already taken place:

Kiki Brill from Norway made a badge for Amina.

Women have started posting topless photos:



Let’s Breast Them » Maryam Namazie.