İzmir Mediterranean Film Festival­


İzmir Mediterranean Film Festival­

1st İzmir Mediterranean Film Festival­` is starting
1st İzmir Mediterranean Film Festival is starting in İzmir. The festival, which is going to be organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, will be held between November 1 and 9, 2013. Competition winners will be presented with the “Flying Fish” award.
In order to be on the forefront in  he fields of cinema and culture, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality implemented infrastructural investments in previous years. The Municipality is now organizing the “1st İzmir Mediterranean Film Festival” to be held between November 1 and 9, 2013 and it will host many nationally and internationally distinguished cinema personalities. Films from Mediterranean countries and Mediterranean Cinema Culture oriented films can apply to the festival.
Films of three distinct genres will be taking part in the Festival, feature films, documentaries and short films. The Festival Prize will be “the Flying Film” award.  In this context, the Mediterranean culture of the city and the city’s relation with the sea will be emphasized. The awards will be given in the categories of “Best Film”, “Best Director”, “Best Actress”, “ Best Actor”, and “Jury’s Special Award”. Also monetary awards will be presented along with the “Flying Fish” award. Besides these, “The Best Film” award will also be presented by the Screen Writers Association (SİYAD).
Feature films may enter the competition section, documentaries and short films may enter the non-competion section. Competed films will be judged by an international jury consisting of directors, script writers, producers, actors, actresses, film critics, cinema historians and other distinguished cinema related personalities. Films released before 2012 or commercially distributed in Turkey will not be accepted to the competition.
Th deadline is 19th of July
Films will also be selected to be shown in non-competitive screenings.
Feature films and documentaries which completed their post- production between the years  2011 and  2013, will be able to apply to the non-competitive parts. In order to participate in the Festival, 3 DVDs of the film (in PAL Format) and printed materials of the film (press kit, press folder, brochure etc.) must be sent to the Festival Office. The deadline for the application is 19th July 2013. In order to apply for the festival, please click on http://www.affizmir.org and http://www.mffizmir.org.

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