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evolution of war

Evolution of War – watch here:

Video Transcript:

George Friedman: My name’s George Friedman. I’m here with my colleague Robert Kaplan. And we want to talk about one of the most ubiquitous things in the human condition: war. War is not a subject people like to think of as insoluble, they don’t like to think of it as natural. But the fact of the matter is there’s very few things — family, economics — as commonplace as war. We don’t want to talk so much about why there’s war — that is a long and endless discussion — we want to talk about what’s happening to war. Where we’re going today. Everybody’s talking about revolutions in warfare, the end of peer-to-peer conflict, a whole range of things. So what we’d like to do today is talk about what’s happening to war, and what the future of war looks like. Robert? Continue reading