Biljana Srbljanović počinje da radi u jutarnjem programu B92 kao voditeljica


U ponedeljak na Televiziji B92 počinje jutarnji program „Naše jutro“ u kojem će domaćini biti Marija Kilibarda, Aleksandar Ilić, Bane Raičević i poznata tviterašica čiji se identitet još čuva u tajnosti. Svi oni radiće pod dirigentskom palicom Ivana Ivanovića, koji je producent emisije.

Gaming a Russian Offensive | Stratfor


A Russian flag flies near pro-Russia militants sitting atop a 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer as a convoy takes a break in the Donetsk region. (VASILY MAXIMOV/AFP/Getty Images)


Editor’s Note: As part of our analytical methodology, Stratfor periodically conducts internal military simulations. This series, examining the scenarios under which Russian and Western forces might come into direct conflict in Ukraine, reflects such an exercise. It thus differs from our regular analyses in several ways and is not intended as a forecast. This series reflects the results of meticulous examination of the military capabilities of both Russia and NATO and the constraints on those forces. It is intended as a means to measure the intersection of political intent and political will as constrained by actual military capability. This study is not a definitive exercise; instead it is a review of potential decision-making by military planners. We hope readers will gain from this series a better understanding of military options in the Ukraine crisis and how the realities surrounding use of force could evolve if efforts to implement a cease-fire fail and the crisis escalates. Continue reading