Greek F-16 pilot lands in Turkey, withdraws cash from local ATM!



Capital controls and a yearning for ever nearing summer holidays in the Aegean are apparently now exporting “urban legends” from Greece, with the latest starting along the lines of “… Did ya hear the one about the Greek F-16 pilot who landed in Turkey to withdraw money…?” Continue reading

The Turkish Enigma | Stratfor


By George Friedman

In my “Net Assessment of the World,” I argued that four major segments of the European and Asian landmass were in crisis: Europe, Russia, the Middle East (from the Levant to Iran) and China. Each crisis was different; each was at a different stage of development. Collectively the crises threatened to destabilize the Eurasian landmass, the Eastern Hemisphere, and potentially generate a global crisis. They do not have to merge into a single crisis to be dangerous. Four simultaneous crises in the center of humanity’s geopolitical gravity would be destabilizing by itself. However, if they began to merge and interact, the risks would multiply. Containing each crisis by itself would be a daunting task. Managing crises that were interlocked would press the limits of manageability and even push beyond.

These four crises are already interacting to some extent. The crisis of the European Union intersects with the parallel issue of Ukraine and Europe’s relation to Russia. The crisis in the Middle East intersects with the European concern over managing immigration as well as balancing relations with Europe’s Muslim community. The Russians have been involved in Syria, and appear to have played a significant role in the recent negotiations with Iran. In addition there is a potential intersection in Chechnya and Dagestan. The Russians and Chinese have been advancing discussions about military and economic cooperation. None of these interactions threaten to break down regional boundaries. Indeed, none are particularly serious. Nor is some sort of inter-regional crisis unimaginable.

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Sjaj i beda Beograda na vodi: Migranti na promenadi

 beorad na vodi
„Šta je to. Zašto su zagradili. Ovde se ništa ne radi, koliko ja vidim. Sa jedne strane sirotinja, jad i beda, ljudi koji su došli iz očaja. A tamo luksuz i sjaj. Sede, piju piće, gledaju sve to ali ih ništa ne zanima. Ne posmatraju oni to našim očima. Sve u svemu, mnogo ružno.“