Ada Lovelace


Virtual Vita Nuova

UnknownWho is Ada?
   Augusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace, is no longer who she once was, 200 years ago. Time changes all famous people, especially cult personalities.  Ada has become a modern icon for the digitizing world of science and literature.
    For women, so commonly invisible in their daily lives, the path to fame is, as a rule, transgressing rules. Whenever visible, they are mostly notorious. In reading history we can scarcely see what famous women actually did with their lives.  It is their misdeed, or some failure to perform, that we can generally see.
    This applies especially to heroines and celebrities: women placed on a pedestal have a hard time climbing off it to relate their actual experience.   Invisibility is a woman’s permanent condition, a method of survival, a gender’s way of life: like in the Purloined Letter story by Edgar Allan Poe…

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