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My Mother Today Would Have Been 89


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My Mother from My Life Without Me

Where was I when it all started? In the hospital, some fifty years ago, but not in the delivery ward, where most children get their umbilical cords cut.  No, I was in the cancer ward, where my mother worked.  She was a cancer ward pediatrician, and that night, the 7th of March, after a long game of cards with her friends, she went to work on her night shift.

You must understand that my late Mom was a historical communist, one of those who risked her life when she was seventeen for ideals of justice and truth.  An activist pediatrician she chose to work at the toughest places, with dying children alone in the ward without their own parents.  My mother was all they had, and she loved them more than herself.

She even loved them more than my own little self, who…

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Novi performans: Siniša Labrović uoči pravoslavnog Božića postavio “Razbijanje latinice”


»SNV-ove goste će dočekati 11 razbijenih ploča, na kojima su na latinici i ćirilici ispisani rečenice i stihovi nekih od najboljih hrvatskih i srpskih autora«, navodi se u priopćenju. »Labrović je tako«, dodaje se « ‘razbio’ dijela Ive Andrića, Arsena Dedića, Bore Ćosića, Sime Matavulja, Vladana Desnice…., Continue reading