Auu, dokle ste ga dogurali, da vas kara ovaj bilmez!!!


kosovo je srbija

How they fought for Kosovo:
” Nenad Popovica has set up for the vice president of Serbia’s ordinating centre for kosovo and metohija in 2006/07 Since February 2006., the economic team for kosovo and metohija and the south of Serbia has been LED. In 2006., it was placed on the office of the Vice-President of Serbia’s ordinating body, bujanovac and medvedja, and on September 7. th 2007., was appointed Deputy President of this government’s body. There was a national lawmaker in the ranks of the democratic party of Serbia in two convenes (2008. And 2012), while the Vice-President of the National Assembly “writes istinomer, and the scream has been announced today:” the leaked documents allow detailed insight into the business empire And the wealth of the serbian minister without portfolio nenad popovic. The documents reveal that popovićevi jobs and property are worth at least $ 75 million, and that their market value is greater than 100 million.” which makes it the most richest politician in the country.”
How much is kosovo? Now nothing.