No Bullshit: Corona Diaries


Virtual Vita Nuova

italia.jpg?f=detail_558&h=720&w=1280&$p$f$h$w=1da38a9EMERGENCY state in Serbia since last night! Our premiere said, we are closing our borders, all coronas came from Italy…Milano… he said it several times. NOTA BENE VERY IMPORTANT: not all viruses came from Italy to Serbia, as they didn’t come only from China to Italy. An elderly couple in northern Italy beat up a young local Chinese woman at the beginning of corona outbreak . I wonder if they are alive today and who is beating them! They are proved to be indigenous too…several different types growing and spreading locally.
USA’s Trump is also neglectfully blaming the Other instead of taking care of all. People paranoid about safety, money, supplies…all real issues in wrong order and context.
Racism, selfishness, ignorance instead of solidarity and tenderness. Activism now is less preaching more doing , cut the bullshit!
People in the markets in Zemun, Belgrade don’t wear masks, but they keep…

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