Out of Serbia


Virtual Vita Nuova

wrote this at the Zurich airport a week ago…

Out of Serbia, shall i say finally, out of Belgrade the city where i was born where i had a child, and other best and worst moments of my life! Yes, after almost 4 months of the corona clinch lockdown between a totalitarian president Vucic and a irresponsible tennis star acting as a role model Djokovic, dictating rules and moods…I think i am done with Serbia, not for good but as a nostalgia. Those things i remember fondly will still be in my heart and mind but they are gone, there is only a echo, an imitation of that life i am missing.
What is a writer who does not write? A woman who does whatever she does when she does not write. So i didn’t write much during the lockdown and all the news pouring in as black water, some…

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