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    Designing in San Diego 

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    Women from East Europe 

    Virtual Vita Nuova


    “A Serb makes a good wife: she can pull the cart out of mud.”

    That old Serbian proverb, its genius author has no name.    It’s like the earthy quip from a hospital that I once heard in real life; after her severe car crash, the emergency doctor told her worried husband: Don’t you worry man, those Herzegovinian vipers are hard to kill!

    I’m personally half Serb and  half Herzegovinian, so I take these attitudes to my heart, half proud and half offended. But my American friend said: what about the Serbian and Herzegovinian husbands?   Are they pleased about their mud-carting vipers?  Is that the kind of proper home-girl that a local guy just has to have?

    Good questions!   If enough years go by, a man gets used to the woman of the house, muddy viper or not.  But what about the opinions of the rest of the…

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    Luxury Open Source 

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    Milosevic, Berlusconi, Trump 

    Virtual Vita Nuova

    I saw it coming, for the past ten years, at least. I saw small Trumps rising and tramping around, first timidly, then bravely, and finally boldly. Until Donald Trump got elected. I saw the same thing happening in Serbia and in Italy, at the end of the past century> They were called  Milosevic and Berlusconi. These three guys that have impacted my life in the countries where I live have things in common: they are men, they are machos and they are so-called typical men of their nations:  self-invented men who became potent, with money, with media,  with fraud. But the bigger they are, the more false they became. Pundits call our era a post-truth time where politicians act without having to give an account to anybody: god or voters.  This is nothing new really, there have been other such moments in history  where truth was subjected to higher instances:…

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    In Bed with the Exotic Enemy 

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    Chandler on the Beach 

    Virtual Vita Nuova


    He was walking here, I can almost hear his steps. A troubled, unhappy British scholar, a fake Brit. A parvenu American, a closeted gay, a mom-dependent womaniser, and a pulp fiction icon.

    Raymond Chandler walked the beach of La Jolla, shopped in sleazy drink joints with names like “Dick’s Liquor,”and vomited all over the weedy decaying  sea-grass. The noir of rich and flakey Californians: their big white dentist smiles, public warnings don’t do this don’t do that, sneering everywhere.

    Police roundabouts, corrupted muscled uniforms, blonde invasive babes with prices in their rolling eyes. And then, finally, the Pacific sunsets, preposterous, relentless, eternal, punctual and unavoidable as death. Emotionally nerve wracking, sunsets that make a bishop kick a hole in a stained-glass window.

    The grey cruel infinity of the Pacific, with  its fat whales, malodorous seals,  murderous sharks, rapacious seagulls, ugly pelicans: a sea world unafraid of humans or material decay.

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    Maker Faire Rome 2016 

    Virtual Vita Nuova


    The school kids were sitting on the pavement at the Roman fairground, eating their sandwiches, supervised by a few teachers and behaving really well.
       They all came to the Maker Faire to learn  to do something with their hands, their days, their lives. Because the message from the press and the organizers is insistent and simple: the new Italy has to make its way in this world starting from scratch.
      Maker Faire In Rome is in its fourth edition, and it is huge, growing in fame and audience. It has outgrown downtown Rome and is off in a genuine fairground: it is the biggest Maker Faire in Europe, despite, or maybe because of,  its very Italian regional character.
      This year a Maker Faire jury  gave away the brand-new “R.O.M.A Prize” — a lavish 100 000 euros to the best Maker Faire project.  Out of 2000 entries, ten…

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    Refugees, Women and the Police 


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    Future Home Robotics 

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    Fake Briton 

    Virtual Vita Nuova

    I am a fake Briton: in elementary and high school, for twelve years of my education, I attended offshored British schools.
        We kids spoke English and were all colonial youth, an army of us educated by young Oxford teachers, who spoke a BBC dialect with no particular accent.  We came to know Shakespeare better than we knew any living person from Britain, and much better than we knew any writers from our various national cultures.

    I used to spend summers in London as many foreign kids still do, blessed by their parents who want them to become cosmopolitan.  I am still grateful to the Queen of the UK for the canonic stability of her realm’s education system.
       Compare the Queen’s long reign to the royal ashes of the Kingdom of Serbs, Slovenes and Croats.  The glorious republic of Yugoslavia didn’t fare much better.  My lifetime is notably…

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    The Witch in Casa Jasmina 

    The_Witch_in_Casa_Jasmina from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.

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    Intervju Moj zivot bez mene 

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    Seven Ways of IoWomenT 

    Virtual Vita Nuova


    It was my idea to have an open-source connected home of the future.  My scheme was accepted by brave new geeks, brilliant people, but mostly male.  They gave the house, “Casa Jasmina,” my name: I am grateful for that, but the house is not altogether comfortable.

    People are diverse and live in bubbles of limited human understanding.  Men and women, poets, philosophers, musicians, architects, designers, engineers — we might try to classify them as idealists or realists — the people in cloud bubbles, or  the people in ground bubbles.

    Now, a project like Casa Jasmina — is it a hands-on, practical, maker’s project struggling up toward ideals, or is it a set of ideals searching for grounded realities that might prove that high concepts are possible?

    Is it a house for the cloud-bubble people, those who invent their own cloud-world before crashing into the ground (or at least landing on…

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    The Humanisation of Crime 

    Virtual Vita Nuova

    At first we had the “globalisation of balkanisation,” when balkan-style failed-state wars became global after September 11.

    The modern trend, though, is the “balkanisation of globalisation.”  The failed world order gets divided up by barbed wire into mentally gated communities, due to economic failure, floods of refugees and persistent terrorist attacks.

    So the lonely position of the Serbian citizen of the 1990s is becoming universal.  Our leaders from the nineties were  indicted and found guilty in ICTY in The Hague, for committed war crimes, even genocides, but we can now perceive ourselves as universal, everyman figures.  This month Radovan Karadzic, after eight long years of trial, was found guilty and sentenced to 40 years of jail.  When he wasn’t liquidating unarmed prisoners in Bosnia, Karadzic was a colorful, sinister politician, a lousy poet, mad psychiatrist and a hustler new age guru. The only thing archaic about Karadzic today is his…

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    Apple Bye Bye 

    Virtual Vita Nuova

    my fallen knight

    I was clumsy, and I spilled some beer on the keyboard of my Mac Air laptop, bought July 9, 2014.  I immediately  started drying my precious computer, overturning it, and my greedy Mac didn’t gulp all that much beer, but….

    I knew that liquid spills can easily kill a laptop.  However, this beer fatality was a first time for me. I realized that only luck has saved me in dozens of my plane trips and train trips, where a few seconds of air bumps or rail vibration might tip a plastic cup and immediately drown a precious machine, the ally and partner in my everyday life.

    The Mac Air immediately went dark.  In bitter days to follow I struggled to get it back on its feet from its alcoholic overdose.  But the battery had shorted out and the motherboard was fouled beyond repair.  The screen misbehaved like delirium tremens. Beer…

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