Closing Casa Jasmina


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Closing Casa Jasmina
Casa Jasmina started from a ruin. In 2014, my husband and I discovered an abandoned space in a once majestic factory, the old “Garrone Foundry” in Turin, which had been built in 1919 and abandoned in 1980. It was my idea to revive this derelict space, chase the rats from the corners and the pigeons from the broken windows, and transform it into what I thought of as the “Turinese House of the Future.” Our plan was to rethink home life from scratch as a utopian experiment.

In Europe, one doesn’t often get the tempting chance to start over clean without the heavy burdens of the past — especially in a city like Turin, which is famous for its aristocratic palaces and baroque marble porticos. Turin does, though, have zones of industrial decline by the old railway tracks, which sometimes disgorge unexploded World War II bombs, much…

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Passports and Nobels


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My life-long work of performance art is to somehow maintain my original passport: notwithstanding the life and opportunities of a techno-nomad.

I used to have a proper passport from the “Socialist Federation Republic of Yugoslavia,” and a fine, diplomatic one, too. At the time that was the most-desired passport in the black market, requiring the fewest travel-visas from any other country. It was a diplomatic passport from a buffer-state, a Cold War cushion-country between the East and West, between the imperial walls of USSR and USA .

Today my travel document is a Serbian passport, one of the worst passports in the whole world, from a small post-war country in transition to nowhere, hoping to make its way among the power-players of the Russian Federation, the European Union, and expansive China, the militant Turks, and other small, rival Balkan states that used to be our fellow-citizens. Marshal Tito…

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Marina Abramović, kraljica performansa


Oduvek sam volela to što radi Marina Abramović, od njenih prvih dana do danas. Mnogi koji su bili svedoci njenih legendarnih početaka, svih tih godina ispunjenih mukotrpnom borbom, danas s prezirom gledaju na njen svetski uspeh i slavu. Tvrde za nju kako se komercijalizovala, kako je postala kosmopolitski slavna umetnica koja se bavi recikliranjem  svojih  poznatih dela, u čemu svi odreda greše. Taj stav je zapravo ogledalo njihovog snobizma.

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DRUG-ca ZENA, prva feministicka konferencija izvan zapada, kod nas u Beogradu SKC. Bila sam jedna od organizatorki i snimala: materjal je stajao u garazi, razmagnetisale su se trake, Sony trakas portable sistem sam kupila tada koji me je kostao vise nego da sam polozila kredit za stan! Onda nedavno dobre vile, al profesionalne, iz Friulija su mi trazile da prebace u nov format sve sto je ostalo od mojih traka, za dokumentaciju njihovu i nasu! Evo Drug-ca zena snimak…mnoge zene su umrle, neke nestale…slika je losa, al ton je dobar…materijal nije montiran…za sada stoji samo kao dokument
Dunja Blazevic otvaranje Drug-ca Zena I, SKC 1978 from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.
DRUG-CA Zena II, Studentski kulturni centar, Beograd 1978/ 2 from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.
DRUG-CA III- SKC 1978 Beograd from Jasmina Tesanovic on Vimeo.
Drug CA…

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20 years after


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Published in Balkan Transitional Justice

Jasmina TesanovicAustinMarch 23, 2019
Author Jasmina Tesanovic started the first internet war diary while living in Belgrade when the NATO bombing of the Serbian capital began 20 years ago – a personal document of life-changing moments, extreme emotions, human kindness, survival and death.
Twenty years in peace are like 20 days of war. During the bombings of Serbia and Kosovo, I wrote from the point of view of any anonymous woman living her daily life in Belgrade, with children, friends… fishing for food, water, electricity, cigarettes… Necessity was the mother of invention, so I invented the first internet war diary, before bloggers or blogs existed. My war diary was spread through mailing lists virally, 20 years ago. ‘The Diary of a Political Idiot’ got me many friends and foes, and it changed my life.

The war diary began when the first planes flew over Belgrade…

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Bangalore Literary Festival 2018


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I still have Indian dust on my shoes from the city of Bangalore, where I spent almost a week at the international literary festival. 

    I was mind-boggled at the scale of this national Indian event: literature, politics, activism, feminism.  There was music and even street art, but what a crowd. Sixteen thousand highly literate participants, roaming from one outdoor stage to another, and engaged with every atom of their souls. 

    Literary culture persists in this part of the world, where people still believe that leafing through books is a transformative spiritual experience that can change the world. 

Authors of the first world, beset with Internet and economic crisis, often seem like plastic vanity-toys kept past their sell-by date, but maybe what they lack most keenly is a creative readership.   As a passionate reader, I often claim it is more difficult to read a book well…

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Phoenix Renewed


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The “Phoenix Renewed” Project
by Bruce Sterling and Jasmina Tesanovic
Villa Abegg, Turin, April 18, 02018
JASMINA TESANOVIC. Ciao a tutti, we are the “Globalisti a Torino.” I am Jasmina Tesanovic from Belgrade Serbia, and this is Bruce Sterling from Austin Texas. We first met here in Torino.
BRUCE STERLING. Torino is the city of our romance. We are two writers, and we both write novels, but in Torino, we have adventures. In Torino, we are constructive. We curate events here, and we build projects. Our new project is called “La Fenice Rinovata” or “The Phoenix Renewed.”
J. Our project was named by Filippo San Martino d’Agliè. He was the original interior designer for this building. He also created a great many operas, ballets, festivals and tournaments here in Torino. We know a lot about him because Bruce is writing a fantascienza novel about the Count Filippo d’Agliè.
B. In…

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