Saudi Arabia Faces Challenges in the New Year



By Michael Nayebi-Oskoui

The Middle East is one of the most volatile regions in the world — it is no stranger to upheaval. The 2009 uprisings in Iran and the brinksmanship of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s government were followed by the chaos of the Arab Spring, the spillover of the Syrian conflict into Iraq and a potential realignment of the U.S.-Iranian relationship. Unlike recent years, however, 2015 is likely to see regional Sunni Arab interests realign toward a broader acceptance of moderate political Islam. The region is emerging from the uncertainty of the past half-decade, and the foundations of its future are taking shape. This process will not be neat or orderly, but changes are clearly taking place surrounding the Syrian and Libyan conflicts, as well as the region’s anticipation of a strengthened Iran.

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Srbija i BiH u “Evropskoj uniji” do kraja 2013.godine


Ahmaninedžad precizan u prognozi!

مخالفان در لیبی: به طور مشروط حاضریم آتش بس اعلام کنیم

نیروهای مخالف مسلح در لیبی می گویند اگر سرهنگ قذافی نیروهای خود را از شهرها بیرون بیاورد و اجازه دهد اعتراضات مسالمت آمیز برگزار شود، حاضرند آتش بس اعلام